The appearance or state of being energized. The word “momentum” immediately comes to mind. After a last-minute, barely, pull-ups, and miraculous rise in the postseason, the Kicks are back to dominate the 2022-2023 season in a completely different way than they did in the regular season.

On the evening of the 25th, Kicks defeated Jeong Kwan Jang Cheonok 3-1 in the second game of the 2022-2023 KB Kookmin Bank Go League Championship Finals at the Go TV Studio to clinch the title with a second straight series victory.

The Xinxin effect also shone through in the championship match. Earlier in the playoffs, the top-ranked team in the Nanga League, Korea Bulgae Information, had gotten bogged down in their ordering strategy because they were conscious of the 9th move, and the top-ranked team in the Sudam League, Jung Kwan Jang Cheonok, had a similar feeling.

After losing 0-3 in the first round of the championship match without being able to use their captain Byun Sang-il’s 9th rank, Jung Kwan Jang-cheon-nok played Byun Sang-il’s 9th rank in the second round, but this time they were unable to use it because they encountered Shin Shin-seo’s 9th rank.

He got tangled up trying to avoid Shin Shin-seo, and got tangled up by Shin Shin-seo. The good fortune of picking Shin Dong-seo 9-dan in the player selection ceremony rolled in, and with Shin Dong-seo 9-dan at the helm, Kicks celebrated its return to the top of the KB Bank Go League after 16 years.

In the regular season, the Kicks were shaky. In every five-player team match, the rest of the team couldn’t support the explosive firepower of the Shinseo 9. The struggling Kicks made a dramatic comeback at the end of the season with the help of several teams in the final round 안전놀이터.

In the postseason, it was a 180-degree turnaround. After rising from the ashes, they tightened their grip and gained momentum. After finishing the regular season with a 20-2 record, Shin Shin-seo’s 9th team was unstoppable in the postseason, going undefeated in eight games.

And third-ranked Kim Seung-jae 9, who went 1-9 in the regular season, and fifth-ranked Kim Chang-hoon 6, who went 2-5, became different people in the postseason, going 4-2 (four straight wins after two losses) and 4-2, respectively. In addition, the eldest Park Jin-sol 9th dan, who was 6-11 in the regular season and 1-2 in the postseason, redeemed himself with what might have been his last chance.

This is the second time the Kicks have won the title, having won it in their inaugural season in 2006. Head coach Kim Young-hwan, who has been at the helm of the Kicks for 11 years and is in his 15th year of coaching, was choked up with excitement for his first title.

“When we started the championship game, I wasn’t nervous at all, but now that we’ve won the title, I’m already choking up,” he said. “It was important for us to recover the players who didn’t perform well in the regular season, but I don’t know why they suddenly came back to life. They did a good job on their own.”

He added, “I’m sorry for putting Shin Shin-seo through so much, and I’m sorry that we were able to finish with the championship, but I’m grateful that he didn’t mind sacrificing himself as an ace and did a good job.”

Shin Shin-seo 9 said, “My brothers made up for it 100% in the postseason. I think the fact that we had a clear mindset from the moment we entered the postseason was a decisive factor in our victory. In fact, I didn’t understand why they played so poorly,” he said in an interview.

The 2022-2023 KB Go League featured a record-breaking regular season with 12 teams competing in both divisions, followed by semi-playoffs and playoffs in each division, and a championship match between the top teams in each division to determine the final standings.

Each stage of the postseason is a best-of-three series and 오래된토토사이트 each match is a best-of-five series. Countries 1-3 will start simultaneously, and the results will determine whether Countries 4 and 5 will continue. The prize pool is 250 million won for first place, 100 million won for second place, 40 million won for PO elimination, and 20 million won for semi-PO elimination.

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