It is said that the wives and girlfriends of Argentine players made a ‘resolve to pray’ ahead of the Qatar World Cup final against France to be held at midnight on the 19th. They decided to get the tattoo in the same place if they defeated France and won the championship, rather than forming blood brothers like men do.

According to the UK’s The Sun reported on the 17th, the players’ wives vowed to get the same tattoo. This information was made public by the girlfriend of Manchester United star Lisandro Martinez.

Muri Lopez, who is not yet married but lives with Martinez, held an all-wax group dinner at a restaurant in Doha ahead of the semi-final against Croatia. She said that she made this decision in this place. Messi’s wife, who is enjoying the World Cup with her three children, did not attend. She attended only 19 of the 26.

At the dinner, according to Moorley, the Waxes said all was well and decided to get a tattoo to commemorate this historic moment. Husbands get a gold medal if they win, but women get nothing in return. She only shares her husband’s wealth and honor.

It has not yet been decided exactly what to do. “We haven’t decided on the tattoo yet because some people want one thing and others want something else,” Muri said.

It is said that they considered this word taboo because they had not won the World Cup yet. I guess it’s because I don’t know whether to get negative.

Argentine TV reported that the crowd said ‘it’ instead of the World Cup because calling it the World Cup would hamper their country’s dreams of winning it.

Muri confessed that when she saw other waxes, she said, “I really love them.” “When I saw the waxes I used to see on SNS or TV, I was worried, ‘What should I do?’”

But he soon realized that waxes were just like everyone else, and that they were really nice and hilarious. 메이저사이트 That’s why the atmosphere at dinner that day was really good.

So what kind of tattoo is it? It is said that there were several samples. One thing introduced was the World Cup trophy. It seems to be suitable as the most certain tattoo item that means victory.