Returning Doosan Bears ‘foreign ace’ Raul Alcantara (31) did not hide his ambition to win.

Alcantara attended the spring camp held at Blacktown International Sports Park in Sydney, Australia on the 1st and trained on the first day.

Alcantara played a big role as Doosan Ace in 2020. He went 20-2 in 31 games, pitched 198⅔ innings, and had an earned run average of 2.54, winning the Golden Glove for pitching. It is no exaggeration to say that he dominated the league with his fastball exceeding 150 km/h. And he took on a new challenge. In the 2021 season, he signed a two-year, $4 million contract with the Hanshin Tigers of Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) and chose to break up with Doosan.

However, in Japan, it was a disappointment. He went 4-6, 1 save and 25 holds with an ERA of 3.96 in 63 games over two seasons.

Doosan is the team that reached out to Alcantara, who found it difficult to renew the contract with Hanshin after the season. Alcantara returned to Korea after agreeing to a $900,000 contract this year.

As he left Doosan, he said on his social media, “I won’t say goodbye, because there might be a later date.” And he kept his word.

Alcantara, whom I met after training on the 1st, said, “I said goodbye, but I thought it would not be a farewell for the rest of my life, so I said, ‘I will not say goodbye.’ I persuaded my family and came back. He expressed his affection for Doosan.

I am more than happy to return to Doosan. Alcantara emphasized, “Doosan is a team that I always appreciate in my heart. When I couldn’t sign a contract with KT, Doosan contacted me quickly and gave me a chance. Also, because they treated me and my family, I was able to play baseball comfortably.”

However, in the process of returning, the ransom was reduced. He signed a contract for $900,000, just short of the $1 million mark. Nevertheless, Alcantara was not dismayed. He said honestly, “If I had thought the price was low, he would not have signed the contract. I am just grateful that Doosan gave me the opportunity.”

Alcantara trained hard in the off-season. He looked like he had lost weight.

He said, “I lost weight on purpose. 토토사이트 I trained in my hometown, the Dominican Republic. I made a good body and I am in good shape.”

We have high expectations for the guidance of the new head coach Lee Seung-yeop. In particular, coach Lee Seung-yeop hoped that Alcantara would win at least 30 games with Dylan Pyle (27), the second starter.

Alcantara expressed her anticipation, saying, “The coach seems to be a good person, and he has overseas experiences, so I think he will tell me about those experiences.” seemed

With the return of a foreign ace, is there any pressure to show the old performance again? Alcantara said, “There is no pressure. I will work hard to live up to the expectations of the fans. I am now in my 3rd year in Korea, so I think it is time for me to win the championship.

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