A rare scene came out at DFB Pokal in Germany.

On the 1st (Korean time) Stuttgart and Paderborn played the DFB Pokal Round of 16. Stuttgart is 15th in the German first division Bundesliga, and Paderborn is fifth in the second division. The match was held at the Delux Arena, Paderborn’s home ground.

Paderborn took a 1-0 lead in the fourth minute of the first half. However, this goal was not scored by Paderborn, but by Stuttgart defender Konstantinos Mavropanos. Mavropanos received a throw-in from teammate Valdemar Anton and returned the ball to the goalkeeper.

Mavropanos kicked long towards the goal without checking the goalkeeper’s position. However, a problem arose because he kicked too precisely in the direction of the goal. The goalkeeper threw himself to ‘kick away’ Mavropanos’ back pass, but the ball had already passed.

In the end, Mavropanos bowed his head, scoring an own goal from 50m away. Stuttgart’s bench coaching staff looked hopeless. The Paderborn home fans cheered loudly. It is a moment when the joys and sorrows of the two teams are mixed.

A moment of regret. Stuttgart had a dramatic comeback. In the 41st minute of the second half and 5 minutes of extra time, he scored two goals in a row to win 2-1. Stuttgart faces Leipzig in the quarterfinals.

Mavropanos, who scored an own goal that day, 먹튀검증 is a tall center back from Greece born in 1997. He moved to Arsenal in England in January 2018 after playing for PAS Giania in Greece. His transfer fee was 2.1 million euros (approximately 2.8 billion won), and he was given the number 27 shirt.

Mavropanos only made eight appearances for Arsenal. He eventually transferred to Stuttgart in the summer of 2022 after living on loan in Nuremberg and Stuttgart in Germany.

At the time, Stuttgart CEO Alex Berle said: “Mavropanos is a very important player in our team. He is delighted to be fully recruited,” he said. Stuttgart general manager Sven Mislitat said, “Mavropanos is a player who adds stability to the defense with his overwhelming physicality. We are happy that Mavropanos can play with our team for a longer period of time.”

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