On the left side of Fenway Park, home of Boston, there is a famous wall well known as the ‘Green Monster’. In terms of the surrounding environment of the stadium, it is an asymmetrical stadium with the deepest part in the left middle (115.5m) shorter than the right middle (128m).

The distance to the left pole (94.5m) is short, making it a difficult field for defenders. This is because the ball, which should have been caught by the left fielder in other large stadiums, hits the green monster and bounces in an unexpected direction. Because of this, what Boston left fielders need the most is how to understand and use the Green Monster. It is difficult for a player with a weak defense to survive in Boston’s left outfield.

Masataka Yoshida (30), who entered the United States brilliantly by breaking the record for an Asian player entering the major leagues with a total of 90 million dollars (117.3 billion won) in 5 years with Boston this year, is also thinking the same now. I do not know. Yoshida is a corner outfielder with the potential to play left field for Boston. As for the batting itself, Boston was also recruited with confidence, but the defense at Fenway Park literally needs to be opened to know.

Yoshida, who said “It’s an honor” to join Boston, admitted on the 18th (Korean time), “I haven’t played (at Fenway Park) yet, but it’s a unique stadium” in a meeting with ‘Sport TV News’. Once you play the game, you have no choice but to adapt. Yoshida said, “I think I’ll have to adapt by asking the coaches and players.”

First of all, the effort continues in spring training. The training field at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, Florida, where Boston’s spring training facility is located, has a high fence on the left. This is because of efforts to create an environment similar to the home stadium as much as possible. After batting training, Yoshida moved to the left field position and diligently pursued the ball, and learned to distance by looking back at the ball that went over the fence. 먹튀검증

JetBlue Park, where the demonstration game will be held, also has a tall fence resembling the Green Monster on the left. During the exhibition game period, it is expected that there will be a lot of balls that hit the fence and bounce dizzy, and even if he makes one or two mistakes, that mistake itself can be of great help to Yoshida.

Yoshida smiled brightly, saying, “Since this is the first time for everything, all players and all stadiums are looking forward to it.” And I want to win the World Series,” he said.

Boston has traditionally been a team familiar with Japanese players. At the time of the 2007 World Series victory, the starting pitcher and winning pitcher in Game 7 was Daisuke Matsuzaka, and the 2013 World Series victory was decided in the hands of Uehara Koji, who was the team’s finisher at the time. Yoshida hopes to share that joy as well.

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